mySentry Means My Security

During the Medtronic Diabetes Advocates Forum, the group was given a demonstration of the mySentry Remote Glucose Monitor.

Others including Meri and Will have written extensively about the product and its benefits.

I have lived alone for most of my life with diabetes. I have been using a CGM since September of 2010. I used to think that I was a light sleeper. Since using the CGM, I have realized I am not.

My CGM used to live on my pillow as I slept, but I still missed the alarms. Then I saw a suggestion from Kerri that I could put it in/on a glass to amplify the sound.

Regardless of any tips or tricks, the first thing I do every morning is click the button to check my CGM to see how many alarms I missed the night before. It is frustrating and it is scary.

And here is the big disclosure. During her closing remarks, Nancy Katz, the Vice President of Consumer Marketing shared with the group that they were offering us use of the mySentry and any products needed to use the device (pump, sensors, etc) for three months.

I am very excited about this opportunity. However, I realize how it sounds.

It isn’t fair.

I 100% agree that it isn’t fair that I will likely to able to use this product and many other people who need it just as much as I do are not able to afford it.

Part of the reason the forum attendees were extended this offer is to hopefully make it easier for everyone else to obtain products like this one. Insurance companies need to see the value of the mySentry before making the fiscal decision to cover it. Those from the forum choosing to use the mySentry will agree to share their data for research purposes.

As I mentioned, this news was announced at the very end of the forum and I don’t know any details other than what I shared here. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail if you have any questions or concerns.


Kim also posted about the mySentry today.

Medtronic Diabetes Advocates Forum Disclosure: Medtronic paid for transportation, meals and a hotel room during the forum. Any activities outside of the forum (such as a visit to Sprinkles cupcakes) were my expense alone. I was not paid to attend or write about the forum.

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