One Person’s Story

Taking a break from my Medtronic Diabetes Advocacy Forum thoughts to share something else that is very important to me. (Also, I had dinner with my niece and nephews last night and played with them until bedtime so I didn’t really have time to write. I still don’t understand how the parents of children with diabetes fit everything in. Not to mention writing any blog posts!)

I am a proud member of the advisory board for the You Can Do This Project. There is incredible power in the encouragement and motivation of seeing part of your own story in someone else.

At Friends for Life this past summer we were honored to record a video with American Idol finalist and recording artist Crystal Bowersox.

The part that connected with me the most from her video is that she could have talked about anything. She could have focused on her upcoming run on Broadway. She could have focused on recording her albums or how close she came to winning American Idol. But when Crystal was asked to share the part of her story that would encourage the rest of the diabetes community or “be a light in someone else’s darkness,” Crystal shared about her family and wanting to be healthy for her son.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to be heard. Everyone has a story to share and everyone can help someone else.

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