5 Best Testosterone Booster Pills – Reviews of Natural Test Supplements

The first thing that you need to know before choosing the best testosterone booster is that it’s impossible to get a pill containing testosterone hormone that you can buy “over the counter,” at least in Western countries.

But the good news is that you can get the testosterone pills or supplements which can actually make the levels of testosterone in your body increase!

These kinds of pills and supplements are known as “Natural Testosterone Boosters,” and the newer kinds of this type of supplement work extremely well!

But just think about it for a minute – what is better:

  1. Putting artificial testosterone inside your body and getting all kinds of nasty side effects?
    Or …
  2. Increasing the testosterone output of your own body and not having the side effects?

It’s obvious that the second option is better because we get the effect of higher testosterone levels without any of the drawbacks and side effects.

These kinds of natural testosterone booster supplements are great for people who want to get better results in the gym in terms of being able to build more lean muscle mass more quickly.

However, they are also great for the older guy who just wants to enjoy the feelings that higher testosterone will give him such as increased libido, as well as just feeling better and more positive about life in general.

5 Best Natural Testosterone Boosters on The Market

It can be difficult to choose from among the many products out there, given their sheer number and variety. So which are the top testosterone booster products on the market today?

We’re not talking about prescription testosterone boosters that can also prove dangerous for men. Instead, we’re referring to the best testosterone pills which can be taken over the counter, because they’re generally safe.

What is becoming quite clear is that several products have a leg up over the competition and are currently the best testosterone booster on the market.

1. Testogen

By all accounts, this is the best of all the natural testosterone boosters. It’s very safe, and it only has natural ingredients, so it doesn’t cause any weird side effects. And it works naturally.

Most banned performance-enhancing drugs directly add to the testosterone levels. This artificial way of boosting testosterone levels isn’t always a healthy method, and in fact, it should only be taken when you have a valid prescription.

But with Testogen and other top testosterone supplements, the booster simply improves your body’s ability to produce testosterone naturally. That’s the key difference.

Its ingredient list contains many of the most viable testosterone boosters today. It has D Aspartic Acid, which in one study was found to enhance the testosterone level by 42% among 87% of the people who have taken it.

Tribulus Terrestris is also present, and at a very high 300mg dosage. That’s a lot when you notice that some Tribulus Terrestris supplements only offer 45mg.

It also contains Fenugreek which balances your hormone levels by reducing your estrogen and Panax ginseng, which helps build muscles, boost endurance, and also helps your concentration.

Quite a few testosterone boosters can cause some mild agitation. That’s not surprising since steroids are notorious for cause “roid rage.” But Testogen actually reduces your irritability.

Many who need an edge in their muscle building workouts have found Testogen very effective in helping get their desired muscle mass more quickly.

It’s also a favorite supplement for those who find themselves disinterested in sex or who can’t seem to sustain an erection. Finally, even some men use it to help them lose body fat.

Also, Testogen comes in pill form, which makes it easier to consume. Some muscle-building supplements (such as protein supplements) come in powder form, and they often don’t really mix well with water, so they’re somewhat hard to take.

Some prescription test enhancers also come in gel form, which can be dangerous when you come into contact with women and children.

Testogen is completely safe and legal. Forget about steroids, as they’re not just illegal but also very unsafe. Those things can wreak havoc on your health and your mind, so you can end as a perpetually angry man who suffers from various ailments caused by the steroids.

But Testogen isn’t like that at all. It’s really effective in building muscle mass, reducing body fat, reversing signs of aging, enhancing concentration, and boosting the libido.

It’s very affordable, which is surprising considering that it contains the strongest dosages for its various ingredients.

So it really does offer a lot of value for your money. It even offers a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days.

2. Testo Max

Testomax is another highly regarded test booster, and it’s one of the top testosterone booster products among consumers. Like Testogen, it only contains natural ingredients, so it’s safe to use, and it also works by improving your body’s ability to produce testosterone.

It has garnered rave reviews for its effectiveness, and it can really boost your overall health. It’s also effortless to use, as you only need to take 2 tablets a day. It even offers a money-back guarantee.

Like Testogen, it contains ingredients such a D Aspartic Acid, Tribulus Terrestris, Panax ginseng, and Fenugreek.

So why isn’t it as good as Testogen?

The main reason is that while it does have many of the same ingredients as Testogen, Testomax offers lower dosages. So you don’t get as much value for your money. This is especially true because in general, Testomax is more expensive.

Also, it takes a gradual approach in improving testosterone levels, so you’ll have to take it for 2 months (at least) before you can notice any improvement. And there’s also a warning that you have to stop taking it after this time frame for about 10 days before you resume taking it.

But in general, it works for most people, and it’s very safe. It’s undoubtedly better than many of the other testosterone booster supplements in the market today, and that’s why it takes the 2nd spot in our rankings.

3. Testofuel

The matchup is intriguing, but eventually, Testogen comes out on top. Testofuel does have a slight edge in the DAA department by offering 2300mg to Testogen’s 2000mg.

But Testogen has 300 mg of Tribulus Terrestris, 20mg of vitamin B2, 12mg of vitamin B5, and 45mcg of selenium.

Testofuel offers 0 mg for these ingredients. Which means that while Testofuel does have a small lead in the DAA level, it can’t match how Testogen improves your sex drive, energy, and overall health.

However, one thing to note is, Testofuel contains one essential ingredient that others don’t have, which is Oyster Extract.

4. Prime Male

Fortunately for its manufacturer, the Prime Male name isn’t ironic at all because it actually DOES WORK for many people.

You need to use it for a 6-week cycle, but some may notice improvements in just 2 to 4 weeks.

Its ingredient list is slightly different from what you get from Testomax and Testogen. While it does have Nettle Leaf Extract and Zinc, it doesn’t have the essential Fenugreek element.

It does contain the primary testosterone boosting ingredient, DAA, but is much lower in the dosage.

It’s true that many have found Prime Male quite decent, and it’s also generally safe.

At worst, you’ll get some acne breakouts and mild agitation, but this is only true for a handful of people.

But its testosterone boosting ingredients aren’t as effective as the ingredients in Testogen and Testomax. It may be one of the best test boosters for working out as it outperforms many of the competition.

5. Test RX

Test RX is quite a different product. It does not have as complete a range of testosterone supplements as Testogen, Testomax, or Testofuel (though it does have a proper dosage of Fenugreek Extract).

Moreover, they include much smaller dosages of DAA, Zinc, and Vitamin B6.

It is meant to act as an energy booster for daily stamina. But we believe you should usually use a stronger or more dedicated testosterone booster for its purpose.

How Do These Testosterone Pills Work?

The best legal test boosters may contain different ingredients or different dosages of the same ingredients, but in general, they try to work in the same way.

The goal isn’t to directly add to the testosterone levels, but to help the body produce the testosterone you need in a natural way.

When you restore your ability to produce testosterone naturally, then the various symptoms of aging for men can be reduced or even eliminated.

These boosters can also help in other ways:

Since low testosterone can cause lower energy levels and increased lethargy, the booster may include ingredients known to improve endurance and stamina. That can lead to more effective workouts, which can then bring better results for your muscle-building goals. And even those people who don’t necessarily work out for bigger muscles can feel livelier and more energetic in the office and during the day.

These boosters can also help reduce estrogen levels. In some men, high estrogen levels aren’t much of a problem because they have high testosterone levels to counteract the estrogen’s effects. But when the rise in estrogen goes with low testosterone, the estrogen can result in various medical conditions, such as enlarged breasts and even prostate cancer.

Some of the ingredients in the test boosters may improve the libido. A decline in the sex drive (and even a problem with maintaining erections) can be caused by a decrease in the testosterone levels. But these ingredients (such as zinc) can help reverse those effects.

It’s not only your body that goes “blah” when your testosterone levels go down. Even your mind is affected so that you find it much harder to concentrate. Again this can be a problem when you’re trying to work out. But some ingredients (like Panax ginseng), can help make you mentally sharper and more able to focus. This can help you in the workplace, and it can also benefit your muscle-building workout.

How Safe Are Natural Testosterone Boosters?

Many men go for herbal testosterone boosters to improve their testosterone levels in a completely natural way. They use herbal extracts for the most part, and they’re backed up with various vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

The most effective of these ingredients include D Aspartic Acid, Fenugreek, Panax ginseng, and Tribulus Terrestris. They’re sometimes combined with Zinc and various vitamins that boost energy and reduce estrogen such as various B vitamins.

So how safe are these ingredients?

In general, they’re extremely safe. Some brands (such as Testogen) are known to be so safe they don’t cause any side effects at all. And with other brands, you may be one of the few who may end up having acne issues and mild agitation.

With the best brands, you only get natural extracts, and these are made in reputable facilities. You can read the various online reviews for these products, and you’ll notice a general lack of complaint regarding any side effects at all. After all, they don’t contain any synthetic ingredients which can cause negative side effects.

Even the vitamins don’t pose any threat. For example, with the B vitamins found in some of the best boosters, massive doses aren’t a problem. Your body simply flushes out the excess amounts you don’t use.

Which Kind of Test Booster Should You Buy?

So which particular natural testosterone booster product should you go for?

1. Choose One That Contains a Proper DAA Element

We recommend one which contains the powerful as well as a scientifically proven ingredient – “D-Aspartic Acid,” or “DAA.”

D-Aspartic Acid is actually naturally occurring Amino Acid which is already present inside your body. It is to be found in its highest concentrations in parts of your body which are involved in hormone production.

These are locations such as the Hypothalamus, Pituitary Gland as well as the Testes.

So when you are using a supplement which contains this ingredient, you do not have to worry that it contains some highly toxic chemical because there have been no reported serious side effects from using it.

Not only is it safe, but it is also very effective since it has been proven in a scientific study to increase levels of testosterone by 33% in only 12 days!

You can check out a link to it here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2774316/

2. You Also Need to Control Estrogen

Another thing that you need to look out for when considering a natural testosterone booster is that it has an ingredient which keeps the estrogen under control.

This is needed because as your levels of testosterone increase, your body automatically converts it back into estrogen, and this is not what we want.

In order to stop this from happening, Fenugreek can be an effective ingredient, which is something that has been used in traditional medicine as an Aphrodisiac.

It has actually been said that Fenugreek was what make King Tut a “Stud”, which makes sense because the effect of lowering your levels of estrogen is that testosterone will usually increase.

So when a Man’s levels of testosterone go up then so does his libido, proving that he is relatively normal and healthy in the first place.


If you’re looking for value, your best bet is to take Testogen first, as it’s the most like to work for you and it can give you better results.

But there’s no such thing as a supplement that works for everyone, so if it doesn’t work, you can try Testomax.

And what if all five products don’t work for you? Then you may have more problems which testosterone boosters alone can’t fix!

But in general, the mentioned above are the 5 testosterone boosters that work so you should find one that can really boost your testosterone levels.

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