Vegetarian Living Done Easily – A Story


Most people choose to become a vegetarian for one reason or another; for some, it is a conscious decision not to eat a living thing; for others, it is for health reasons. Whatever the choice it takes some getting used to being a vegetarian. Here you will find some helpful tips and recipes by those who have given the vegetarian lifestyle a go.

A Vegetarian lifestyle is not for everyone, some people can not live without some form of meat protein, and that is okay. You may just want to try a vegetarian lifestyle as a cleansing diet for a week or two, and that is great too.

Always consult with a doctor before you decide to change your diet or lifestyle drastically.

Vegetarian Diet to Help Improve Health

A lot of times if a person is not pushed to the edge, one will not try to change one’s ways. Illness is totally inevitable if you are not careful, most of all, on the way you live your life. Once chronic diseases come, you have to learn to live with them.

Will you just give up and not try to find ways to improve your health?

Here is one woman’s story who was given a vegetarian diet to improve her health.

This woman was totally hard to talk to when it comes to losing weight. She usually got angry when words like exercise, fats, and losing weight were mentioned to her. She hated clothes that would not fit her size. No other vices were involved in her life than bad eating habits. Time did not spare her.

First, she became obese, and then her blood pressure went soaring. Next, she was rushed to the hospital due to complications of high blood pressure, asthma, and pneumonia altogether. Later, while admitted, more bad news came; She was diagnosed as diabetic.

The woman had no choice but to accept the doctor’s diagnosis. To make the story short, the doctor insisted that losing weight was the best remedy aside from prescribed medicines. So, thousands worth of medicines were bought. Meat, rice, bread, and high sodium food had to be eliminated. Ice cream and desserts became a taboo. Only olive oil was allowed but still in minimal amounts.

At first, it was really hard for everyone in the family. They had to spend thousands of dollars on medicine and to make things worse. They had to eat the same food as a mom. They had to do what they needed to do to support her. As life moved on, they realized that if you get used to low sodium foods, your taste buds will adapt as well.

Slowly, the results became visible. Mom was getting slimmer. After seeing the changes, she was so excited to give away her old clothes and buy new ones. Then they started to bring the weight scale-out from its hiding place. Her excitement was really overflowing with the smiles shown whenever she came out from the doctor’s office. The progress may have been slow, but it was steadily improving.

She was really applying what the doctor prescribed and improved her health. The medication continues, but the quantity is getting lower. Now, whenever people offer meat, she quickly declines without hesitation.

Saying no to desserts is not a problem anymore. Health and weight are slowly getting better.

Now, her choice of food is mostly vegetables. Her lifestyle, along with her attitude, has totally changed for the better!

Accidental Vegetarians

The title sounds weird, but I really like the concept it projects for the reason that it portrays the funny side of what the recession did to a family. What is so good about hardship is that you can make it into a blessing. What is so beautiful in finding solutions to survive is that you start to discover innovative ways and become creative.

When the recession came last 2007, companies from one to another were closed. Some remained, but they have to retrench workers. Then here is a family with nothing else but a small saving in the bank. The husband did not lose his job, thanks to the company, but workdays were lessened.

They were able to find ways to survive until the head of the family found a way to supplement their income.

How did they survive? You might ask.

One of their solutions was they became vegetarians. It was not something permanent at first, but as they realized the healthy benefits they received, they decided to continue living that way.

After the family’s income was affected, meat was no longer an option, and the only thing they can afford was a low-cost vegetable. At first, the kids were complaining, and they even insisted that meat must be served. Somehow, they had no other choice.

The mother tried a lot of ways to make it tastier and delicious.

Then slowly, everyone got used to it and enjoyed their meals. As time moved on, they were happy that both parents lose weight.

Then the most amazing effect was that sickness rarely came to the household compared before.

They do not believe that the absence of meat was really the main cause that they have healthier bodies now. Instead, they saw lousy eating habits were the culprit.

They usually eat a lot of meat before.

As meat was eliminated, veggies became the dominant dish.

Also, fruits found a place in their diet due to excess prices of meat that they seldom buy fruits before. Now, they can afford to buy every now and then. So, that is the explanation of why they settled to become vegetarians.

A lot of people found hardship as a great obstacle to face. A lot gave up along the way.

Only those who survived became victorious in the end. We usually worry if money problems come but what is our gain if we worry more. Instead, we should find ways to continue, and divine providence will hold us towards our goal.

Beans or Lentils: Trustworthy Vegetarian Protein Source

As a vegetarian, avoiding meat is the main idea and opens the issue of protein source. Fortunately, nature provides one of the good sources which are beans or lentils.

Somehow, many people have erased this from their list for a few reasons that they assume that beans, while good for vegetarians does not have much protein to offer, take way too long to cook and produce gas problems.

Indeed it takes too long to cook. Let us be practical and learn from outdoor campers. Soak first in hot or lukewarm water for 30 minutes to an hour before cooking. This hastens the cooking time.

Some, like kidney beans, are really hard, and pressure cooking is the best solution. Canned beans are also ready to buy anytime. Just make sure to put them in a strainer and rinse with cold running water to wash the salt away.

Beans can indeed cause gas, but it does not mean that we should avoid them just because of that. There are suggestions that eating them regularly in small servings until your body gets comfortable will help a lot.

Some people, also, said that pressure cooking decreases the problem. Some, too, told that canned or mashed beans reduce gas-producing qualities. On which way is the best, you have to try it yourself.

Now, the most crucial issue is the protein content. Let us make things clear first; beans are not only for vegetarians. The fact it is regarded as the poor man’s meat because they offer an excellent supply of protein.

Also, due to ailments connected with meat, people are now getting wiser and starting to realize the value in the modest bean. This is also one of the most economical sources of protein.

The idea that protein from beans is not enough compared to meat is totally outdated. It is true that some lack the amino acids required, but soybeans is an exception.

Studies show that soybeans contain the needed protein for our bodies. For the rest, there are common foods that can complement to produce the exact result. These are nuts, dairy, and grains. There might be more, and to eat them together will suffice.

Another important fact, human bodies need calcium for protein absorption. There is an acidic reaction when we eat meat and causes higher calcium loss. On the other hand, studies show protein from plants has a lesser effect.

Moreover, lentils contain vitamins and minerals that are known to be bone-friendly like Vitamin B-complex and folic acid. They are, also, a good source of fiber while meat has none.

Out from the facts presented, what loss is there for us if we choose beans over meat? Hmm, we gain good health and happy lives.

Soy Beans: A Totally Hearty Deal

In the old days, non-vegetarians find soybeans as a laughing stock, and some people are not even sure why it should be considered as part of the diet. Nevertheless, this has been a part of a vegetarian’s diet for a lot of good reasons. You might not eat soy at this time, but after you read this article, you might change your mind.

Soybeans offer tremendous health benefits. It is totally an economical source of complete protein and has rich soluble fiber. It is vitamin fortified and high in mineral content. At most, it offers phytonutrients, antioxidants that help protect the body from diseases. Studies support that it has the ability to prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Some studies even show that it helps relieve menstrual and menopausal problems. There are still a lot of researches done about soybeans for scientists who believe that this is a hearty deal of a bean.

Tofu or Tempeh is soy’s other face. It is considered as vegetable meat. In fact, there are ways to make tofu part in your daily meals. You can even make it taste any way you want to base on the ingredients you add.

You can just fry it. Stir-frying with vegetables is another way. You can also have tofu barbecue.

For special occasions, you can bake it with pasta.

Tofu is a first-rate meat substitute, cholesterol-free and low in calories. If you are a very particular person, you can buy organic and pesticide-free soybeans products as well. They are quite expensive, though.

So even if you only include it in your meals a few times a week, you are already receiving better benefits than anyone.

Soy milk is another common product of soybeans. You can add it in your cereals, shakes, flans, pancakes, sweet porridge, chocolate drinks and even mix it in cakes.

You do not need to announce its presence for you yourself might forget that you add it. It might taste different from cow’s milk, but it is still tasty in its own way.

For Lacto-intolerant people (those who cannot digest lactose in milk), this is a right choice.

One can consume the required protein and calcium without experiencing bloating or indigestion.

These are just two out of a lot of products from soybeans.

So what are you waiting for? Just go to the store, choose tofu and try cooking it. I love fried tofu.

The next time you buy milk, try soy milk for a change, and see if there is a great difference in taste.

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