Walk The Dinosaur – JDRF Walk

I can’t believe it has taken me over a week to write about the local JDRF walk but considering our volunteer wrap up meeting is tonight, I don’t think I’m that late!

At the JDRF WalkShortly before I went on stage to be announced as Grand Marshal introduce my team one of the people who used to be in charge of the event volunteers walked up to me and said, “You proved me wrong.”


“You proved me wrong. I always said that it would be impossible to have a walk team and be in charge of the volunteers.”

“Nope. You were right.”

And that basically summed up one of the most fun and exhausting weekends I’ve had in a very long time.

During this week of Thanksgiving, I especially want to acknowledge all the things I am thankful for regarding Team TriSaraTops Diabetes:

I am thankful for amazing friends who traveled for hours to join me for the weekend.

I am thankful for the friends and family (blog readers definitely included!) of everyone on our team who donated to our efforts. I was selected as Grand Marshal for being the new team with the highest fundraising total, which we certainly could not have accomplished without the support of friends, family, and diabetes online community friends and family.

Team TriSaraTops Diabetes

I am thankful for my nephews who helped come up with the team name, my niece for entertaining our teammates as we walked, and my sister in law for designing our logo.

I am thankful that my boss and her husband joined the team for walk day (disclosure: they ARE the parents of my SIL and I’ve known them for 19 years!).

Grand Marshal statusI am thankful for Team Ford Lincoln who provided the most incredible pace car. As my niece said, “Did you know this is my dream car?”

I am thankful for how competitive my mom is and how she gave me quite the challenge both during fundraising and when insisted on walking every inch of the walk course (while the rest of us took the 15 yard shortcut back to the main field).

I am thankful for the roughly 275 volunteers that gave up their Saturday morning and did their job with enthusiasm, which made it such a wonderful experience for the 4000 walkers in attendance.

And of course I am thankful for a JDRF chapter that never says no to an advocacy project and is doing amazing things for the people in this area living with diabetes.

Oh, and naps. I am also very thankful for naps.

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