Walking and Flying

Yesterday I had a meeting at the JDRF office to talk about the next event. I am going to miss the walk awards luncheon this weekend, so they let me pick up one of my awards early. Thank you again to everyone who made it possible. I still can’t quite believe what we were able to accomplish together.

Golden Sneaker

The reason I am going to miss the awards luncheon is because I will be in California for the Medtronic Diabetes Advocate Forum. As long as the internet holds up and the hashtag doesn’t get spammed too badly, you can follow along at #MedtronicDAF from Thursday night until Saturday night. We will be meeting with some Medtronic and Bayer executives, talking about the latest technology (personally hoping this doesn’t get as heated as I imagine it will), and working together on how to improve our advocacy efforts.

Disclosure: My flight, hotel, food and other associated expenses are being covered by Medtronic for this event. Considering I was recently referred to as charmingly candid, you can be assured that my thoughts and writings will continue to be my own.

If you doubt my sincerity, please review the post script on this post where I say in part that “I refuse to make health care decisions for blog fodder.”

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